Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Looking back at September and October

Busy is the best word for Sept and Oct. Labor day I flew to meet Vic at Laguardia airport and from there we flew together to Boston. We spent the weekend on the Cape visiting my cousins and attending vic’s niece’s wedding. We saw the ocean, ate sea food and had a wonderful time.
Back in CO it was time for a road trip. My good friend Dianna had never been to Yellowstone, so off we went. First night was Cody, WY where we took a tour to watch wild horses. We watched stallions sparring. What a sight!

Yellowstone showed its treasures. We saw grizzly, ate lunch in a bison jam while bulls pushed and battled around us. We saw moose, elk and deer. We watched waterfalls and geysers. Joining us were artist friends Wes and Rachelle Seigrist. We shared a cabin in Colter Bay and spent a few days exploring both Yellowstone and the Tetons. One of my favorite sightings was the otters playing.We had great bird encounters including a dipper who preened carefully in front of us before wading into the running water.

The end of the trip was in Jackson where we attended the Miniatures and More Art Show and Sale at the National Wildlife Art Museum. Both Rachelle and I were in the show. The receptions were wonderful. We spent time catching up with our artist friends and meeting new people.Here Alice and Mark Eberhard, me, my friend Dianna (standing) and Rachelle.We played tourist in Jackson, walking around the galleries and eating great food.

Vic took a quick weekend so we could go up to Rocky Mountain Park to watch the elk bugle and see the changing Aspen leaves.

In October I was a featured artist at the Masters Gallery of Loveland. We had a lovely reception. Wes and Rachelle came into town and stayed with artist friend Diane Mason and her husband Bob. We explored Rocky Mountain Park and were treated to a wonderful big horn sheep encounter.Wes and Rachelle were treated to a tour of Art Castings foundry where both Diane and I put our work through. We walked through Benson Park to see the sculptures there. We snuck in a quick visit to the Denver Zoo on the way to the opening of the SAA members show at the Wildlife Experience in Parker, CO. The reception in Parker was amazing! A large number of members showed up for the weekend. The show is a beautiful show in a very special venue.

After a busy summer/fall it was time for Magic and I to make the migration back to Pennsylvania. We were blessed with good weather for the journey. The first night we stayed with artist friend Terry Donahue and his family. He lives in Omaha, the perfect distance for our first stop. As we went further East we were treated to an amazing display of fall colors. Magic was thrilled to be back with her "sister" Tinker. Tinker wasn’t so sure.

Friday, November 23, 2007

catching up on Aug

In August we had the Loveland sculpture shows. My booth was with a fantastic group of artists in the Sculpture Invitational.

Vic and I went to the Denver Zoo where we got to see the newest member of the zebra exhibit, only 5 days old.

A lovely trip up through the Rocky Mountain National Park with my collector/friend Bwana Jane brought some wonderful marmot and pika encounters.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

While in Colorado, web access was spotty, so I plan to catch up now on all the amazing adventures:

What a busy summer it has been! Mid July had Magic (my trusty Newfy traveling companion) an me on the road to Colorado. We arrived just in time for me to attend a fund-raiser for the DeWildt Cheetah conservation center in South Africa.. A lovely brunch and auction was held. My sculpture "Lick" brought a much needed donation for the cause.
In attendance were two live cheetah presented by Rob and Barbara Dicely of Leopards Etc. Kamau is a normal coated cheetah and Kgosi is a king cheetah. What a treat to watch them!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


With a percentage of sales of my cheetah and wild dog sculptures this year, I have been able to adopt a wild dog pup from the DeWildt Cheetah Concervation Trust in South Africa. I have named her Promise (Missy for short). She is adorable!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Chihuly at the Phipps

The Phipps Conservatory is host to an amazing installation by glass artist Dale Chihuly. It was amazing and inspirational! We went in both daylight and at night when carefully placed lighting brought a totally different feel to the exhibit. The interplay of Chihuly's innovative forms and colors in glass along with the varied vegetation in the conservatory was quite exciting.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Poodle Specialty

Mid June my artist friend, Paula Waterman and I shared a booth at the National poodle specialty in Salisbury, MD. (check out her blog: http://www.inkwellstudio.blogspot.com/ ). Our work compliments each other well and we got a great reception. "Roll Play" my bronze poodle with its feet in the air got a lot of attention.

At the show we saw poodles of all shapes, sizes and clips. Most amazing of all was Pi, a corded poodle who could fly!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Spokane...on the way to the Oregon coast

I flew into Spokane and spent a few days with fellow artist Linda Besse before we started our road trip to the coast of Oregon where we were to do demonstrations at the Keep It Art Sea Gallery for the Memorial day weekend. She lives outside of the city high in an animal rich, wooded area. Wild turkeys did their best to entertain us. We gobbled back and forth and they answered. Little quail had me laughing.

A close neighbor has a lovely herd of Fjord horses. This stallion was most impressive!

Keep It Art Sea Gallery in Lincoln City Oregon

The Gallery in Oregon held an open house event over the Memorial Day weekend and a number of the artists came to do demos of their work. It was a productive event and I have a good start on this little colt. It's 10"H,7 3/4" L and 7"W. I also took time to visit the Soda Creek Gallery in Sisters, Oregon that also carries my work.

On The Oregon Coast

Linda Besse (fellow artist) and I had too much fun exploring the Oregon coast from Lincoln City down to Newport. We got wonderfull reference of birds and seals. While exploring tide pools a sneaker wave got me!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vic helped design and execute a system for the safe transport of the new baboon sculpture still in clay. This will prevent anything happening to the sculpture even if the crate is turned upside down. It will be slid into the crate where it fits snug so no rattling will occur.

This weekend we spent time building special crates for the transport of finished sculptures and sculptures needing to be shipped to Dan, my trusty mold maker-man.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Giraffe on the run

This little giraffe is about 9"high.
I created it while doing a presentation at the Highland
Park Highschool Focus on the arts program.

The wonderful thing about creating to be cast in bronze is I can have this young giraffe touch the ground with only one foot. This sculpture was inspired by a young giraffe I observed at the Denver Zoo last summer.

Visiting family in Dallas

I just recently returned from doing some fun demos in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. It was a wpecial treat since I was able to stay with my folks,visit my brother and his family and have a special rime with my daughter. Mom and Dad's yard held some special treats, baby bunny and doves!