Thursday, January 28, 2010

And the year is off and running

The weather has offered me another opportunity to study many shades of grey. Cardinals at our feeder brings me much joy with their splash of red.

Two new sculptures make their debut this year, just in time for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) , Feb 12-14
With "The Offering" , I explore friendship. The yellow billed hornbill has one of his very favorite treats. He is offering this gift to his friend, the giraffe. Sweet giraffe, sometimes what is dear to someone doesn't sit high on someone else's list of favorite things. Another hornbill is peaking around to see what's going on."The Offering" is an edition of 10 and is 9"H, 18"L, 17"D

A smaller version of the giraffe "Daydreamer" is 2 1/2"H,4"L, 4"D

Also making its appearance is a darling Guenon monkey being quite pensive. His head tilts just enough to give him a curious note.(no his name is not George). "Guenon" is an edition of 25 and is 7 1/2"H, 4"L, 4"W.

I have to report and "endangered" species. There are only 4 left in the edition of "Baby Too" . (3 1/2"H)