Wednesday, March 31, 2010

quick works Wednesday

Before delving into a more serious work, I often do "sketches" in clay to see how things lay out.

I also enjoy doing small quick fun works.

They keep my fingers nimble and they often are full of personality.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where did February go?

Computer problems off and on since January. Ok apology done. Now on with life.

The Pittsburgh area was blessed with the notorious snows of winter 2010. Shoveling snow became a daily exercise along with stomping out paths in the back yard for little Andy-roo to do what he needed to do. We started out putting his little coat on for him, but he soon showed us he was a sturdier beast than that. Magic (the Newf) thought she was in heaven.

That's a ball in Andrew's mouth. He will chase them forever.

Mid Feb. we headed south for Charleston, SC for the Southeastern Wildlife Expo hoping to leave snow behind us. (ha ha on us). It took only 3 tries to find routes that weren't closed to get the dogs to the kennel, and only one blocked route to get out of PA.

The goal...a pina colada and lunch at Coconut Joes and a walk on the beach! our traditional start to the show.

And we made it!
A walk on the beach and gulls.

Our hosts for the week were Scott Penegar and his lovely wife Kay and their kids Oliver and Anna. (Scott was also in the show). It was a wonderful stay.

The booth looked great and it was so good to see our artist "family" and our wonderful collectors and friends in Charleston. It is a very gracious city and we always enjoy our time there.

One of the highlights of the show was the quick paint/sculpt. I just so enjoy the energy of having people aound me cheering me on as we all race to finish a piece in an hour's time. I did pandas this time. Last year, you might remember, I did elephants.

The auction afterward was spirited and fun.

Thank you Elizabeth, your pandas will be cast this summer.