Tuesday, April 17, 2012

60 for 60 #40

A Noble Head

As a child I used to admire a picture my grandmother had framed on her wall of a woman and her 2 children and a big black and white furry dog. The dog was a Landseer Newfoundland and it turned out the print was from an old calendar of a painting by Rembrandt. (Madame Cherpantiere and her children). My grandmother loved it because it made her think of her mom, her self and her sister. I load the dog and swore I would have one some day.

Years later I did get my Newf. Not a Landseer, but a black. Gaea was a special girl and lived up to every expectation I could have. She took care of the kids (just like "Nana" in "Peter Pan". She would rescue the kids from the pool and ill a cart to give rides and deliver girl scout cookies.
My present Newfy, Magic, is 10 1/2 years old and is special in her own way. I was there at her birth and she fills our life with so much love (and fur and goobers). Newfs will always be in my heart.

60 for 60 #37, 38 &39 and a bonus

Reference for this work was from the exhibit farm.

When I first visited the farm the goats thought I was a terrible monster getting ready to eat them. I had all my stuff on a wheeled contraption. they ran back in and hid.

They gradually got used to me and let me hang around.

This morning was warm, but a little breezy. I knew I would have to sculpt quickly if I was to beat the storm the winds were bringing in.

 So, three quick sketches of goats.


 When I put them together, I had a whole different view.

Fun to do a group.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

60 for 60 #35 & #36

#35, Buddy

Our neighbor has a young chocolate Lab that likes to come say hello to my dogs through the fence. Sometimes they run up and down having a great romp.

#36, Outside my front door.

Worked on another relief today. I am so comfortable doing the dogs,even though I still have much to learn, I feel I need to push myself a bit here. I found myself really enjoying the trees and the little area in front of my house. I will continue to do a relief here and there through the challenge. Eventually I will feel more comfortable doing them and enjoy them even more.

Friday, April 13, 2012

60 for 60 #33 & #34

#33, It's Andrew's turn

 Andrew waits for the frisbe to fall from the sky

60 for 60 #34
Another exploration into relief. We often hear our pileated woodpeckers, but they are not always visible. This time he gave me a quick glimpse in the trees.

60 for 60 #31 & #32

 I love the graceful neck of the swan. This is #31

My daughter used to call them "snake birds" when she was little. She met a rather nasty one that got her finger. But she survived. 


 Dogs are a subject I can always find interesting.

60 for 60 #30

Yay, I made it half way!!

 Puppy playtime. Thanks to Peggy for letting me sculpt her dogs.

60 for 60 #27, #28 & #29


It's been hard to find a moment to even open a box of clay. So many wonderful memories being made here with all the grandkids! We have been to 2 zoos and played a lot of ball. Swimming in uncle Jan's pool was certainly a hit. 

The big boys did go carts. All special moments.
In a quiet evening, I pulled a little vase down from grandma's shelf and did this little relief.

#28, Chasing Bubbles

Trying not to get too far behind. Isaiah had a wonderful time chasing bubbles from a giant bubble wand.

A quick armature with what wire and all thread I had here and I was able to catch him jumping in the air.


ok, finally home, well and ready to start catching up. Weird how it feels so disconnected on the days when I couldn't do a piece. I guess this every day thing is becoming part of my blood.
Here is another relief study. A little bird that visited a tree in Mom's yard.

60 for 60 #26

By afternoon, we got the kids organized enough to head to the zoo. Cars these days are designed to cary 5 people and we were 6. Silly to drive 2 cars from Dallas to Ft Worth, especially since we only had one GPS device. So we decided to be sardines with 4 in the back.

It was sunny and we did not think to check the time. We got to the zoo and they told us we had an hour till closing! So, quick it was, but not uneventful.

I apologize for the quality of the photos. Quick it was to sculpt and quick it was to photo with my phone. I know it can do better, but it was me taking the pictures which is a handicap. So quick it is and now to run to the airport to get the rest of the kids! (just trying to stay up with the work)

60 for 60 #25

This one was done in Dallas at my folks place. The grandkids were helping me out and doing some sculpture of their own.

I'm at the folks. No animals here and no boards prepped for still lives. I guess that leaves the people! (or grandkids)

So, I took out the clay I had here and the boys and I took some time to sculpt. Here's my post for today, a quick sketch. Just reading.

Just reading. It was quite enjoyable working on a person. Guess I'll have to do some more.

60 for 60 #24

Some minis
I am behind in posting since I had been on the road (Dallas) and then dealt with root canal and we are re-doing the kitchen. Just a little mayhem in our lives. The posts are what I had posted on Facebook earlier, but not everyone sees my work there. Hope I am giving some more people a chance to enjoy my work by using this blog. 

Confession, I did not do this today. It is a small piece I did earlier knowing I would have a few crazy days. I am heading for a visit with my folks, kids and grandkids. Dad's turning 90! Go DAD!

It is interesting to see this along with the larger one I posted earlier in the challenge. This little minis work well, I think.