Monday, June 11, 2012

60 for 60 catch up

Travel, family etc and I have fallen behind. Here are the catch up photos of what I did for the completion of the 60 for 60 challenge.

#44 is an English Cocker

#45 and 46 are squirrels
#47-52 are penguins

#53, Spoonbill

# 54 Lop Eared Bunny
#55 Elephant

#56 Maned wolf
#57 little Corgi
#58 Pika

#59 Turtles on a log

and finally # 60 some fun studies of road runners

This was a most interesting challenge. I tried some new things and kept with a regiment of sculpting every day. I think it gave me an opportunity to be free with the clay and my subjects since I wasn't committed to  putting them into bronze. I am happy to say that some will continue their journey and be finished in metal or will be studies that I will use for more ambitious works. Now stay with me for the next challenge.