Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So hard to believe it's been so long since an update on the blog page. Shame on me, since so much has happened! The biggest event of the past year has been the my move to a new studio! I am still in Loveland, CO, but now I'm just outside of town with some spectacular views and some very exciting neighbors. I viewed these elk from my back door. So special!

I will be bringing things up to date on my year in review soon! 
Meanwhile the next big event coming up is SEWE, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC, February 14-16th. I will participate in the quick paint/sculpt event on Friday and a new event, Duets and Quartets. Lovely live music. Scott Penegar and myself will be creating something together. 
Come enjoy the events and find some artwork that touches your heart.

Monday, June 11, 2012

60 for 60 catch up

Travel, family etc and I have fallen behind. Here are the catch up photos of what I did for the completion of the 60 for 60 challenge.

#44 is an English Cocker

#45 and 46 are squirrels
#47-52 are penguins

#53, Spoonbill

# 54 Lop Eared Bunny
#55 Elephant

#56 Maned wolf
#57 little Corgi
#58 Pika

#59 Turtles on a log

and finally # 60 some fun studies of road runners

This was a most interesting challenge. I tried some new things and kept with a regiment of sculpting every day. I think it gave me an opportunity to be free with the clay and my subjects since I wasn't committed to  putting them into bronze. I am happy to say that some will continue their journey and be finished in metal or will be studies that I will use for more ambitious works. Now stay with me for the next challenge.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

60 for 60 #43

I used a different clay here. Too soft and gooey for such a warm day. Working quickly left too many gobs and fuzzies. Too rough even for me. Left my fingers too sticky.

60 for 60 #41,42 and a group

I am posting #41 and #42 together because they are the same subject, my corgi running. 

Ok, Dreamer is a puppy and he loves to run. He's obviously one of my favorite subjects.


Yes, this is very similar to a piece I have already cast, but it is a very typical pose and I love revisiting it.

There is always something different in the angles that catch me. I love the way his long body scrunches up to make up for no legs.

Obviously he is keen on something. Focus

I then combined them with #19 and created a group.

I love doing groupings. Every angle seems like a new sculpture.

Happy Dreamer Xs 3!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

60 for 60 #40

A Noble Head

As a child I used to admire a picture my grandmother had framed on her wall of a woman and her 2 children and a big black and white furry dog. The dog was a Landseer Newfoundland and it turned out the print was from an old calendar of a painting by Rembrandt. (Madame Cherpantiere and her children). My grandmother loved it because it made her think of her mom, her self and her sister. I load the dog and swore I would have one some day.

Years later I did get my Newf. Not a Landseer, but a black. Gaea was a special girl and lived up to every expectation I could have. She took care of the kids (just like "Nana" in "Peter Pan". She would rescue the kids from the pool and ill a cart to give rides and deliver girl scout cookies.
My present Newfy, Magic, is 10 1/2 years old and is special in her own way. I was there at her birth and she fills our life with so much love (and fur and goobers). Newfs will always be in my heart.

60 for 60 #37, 38 &39 and a bonus

Reference for this work was from the exhibit farm.

When I first visited the farm the goats thought I was a terrible monster getting ready to eat them. I had all my stuff on a wheeled contraption. they ran back in and hid.

They gradually got used to me and let me hang around.

This morning was warm, but a little breezy. I knew I would have to sculpt quickly if I was to beat the storm the winds were bringing in.

 So, three quick sketches of goats.


 When I put them together, I had a whole different view.

Fun to do a group.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

60 for 60 #35 & #36

#35, Buddy

Our neighbor has a young chocolate Lab that likes to come say hello to my dogs through the fence. Sometimes they run up and down having a great romp.

#36, Outside my front door.

Worked on another relief today. I am so comfortable doing the dogs,even though I still have much to learn, I feel I need to push myself a bit here. I found myself really enjoying the trees and the little area in front of my house. I will continue to do a relief here and there through the challenge. Eventually I will feel more comfortable doing them and enjoy them even more.