Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vic helped design and execute a system for the safe transport of the new baboon sculpture still in clay. This will prevent anything happening to the sculpture even if the crate is turned upside down. It will be slid into the crate where it fits snug so no rattling will occur.

This weekend we spent time building special crates for the transport of finished sculptures and sculptures needing to be shipped to Dan, my trusty mold maker-man.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Giraffe on the run

This little giraffe is about 9"high.
I created it while doing a presentation at the Highland
Park Highschool Focus on the arts program.

The wonderful thing about creating to be cast in bronze is I can have this young giraffe touch the ground with only one foot. This sculpture was inspired by a young giraffe I observed at the Denver Zoo last summer.

Visiting family in Dallas

I just recently returned from doing some fun demos in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. It was a wpecial treat since I was able to stay with my folks,visit my brother and his family and have a special rime with my daughter. Mom and Dad's yard held some special treats, baby bunny and doves!

"Got Gnus?" finds a new home!

It's been a busy time here. I just returned from a visit to the Dallas/Ft Worth area where I visited my big cheetah, "Got Gnus?" on display at the Lewisville library along with some of my other works. "Got Gnus?" was then moved to its new home in the Weston Gardens in Ft. Worth. If you are ever in that area the gardens are well worth the trip.