Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SEWE quick sculpt/paint

 One of the highlights of the show (Southeastern Wildlife Exhibition) in Charleston was the quick paint/sculpt event. One hour was our allotted time. People surrounded me, encouraging me on as I madly threw clay about and magically came through with a grouping of very fun elephants. The auction was wild.  It was great fun. My little group will be cast in bronze and shipped to its new home. This will be a small edition so I am welcoming pre-cast orders until May 1st.

Friday, February 24, 2012

SEWE and the ride home

Every show presents the challenge, how best to display the sculptures. I think SEWE this year worked well inspire of the fact that my "Art Roadie" and husband, Vic had to be on a business trip. Here is just a snip of what I had out. Thank you Stefan Savides for stepping in and helping me unload the truck.
I brought this little English Cocker study in the wax. It was a great way to show people what the piece looks like in that step of the bronze process. This piece is at the foundry now and I am taking orders. 

Opening gala at SEWE was quite the event. Shorty the flamingo was my favorite visitor.

Vic was on a business trip so we were apart for Valentines day. He took care of that :-)  These lovely flowers arrived along with the fluffy puppy attached. Pup is detachable so I can cuddle. I named him Charlie, short for Charleston.

Load out went smoothly thanks to my wonderful "Art Roadie" and husband, Vic. We drove a couple hours down the road to Myrtle beach. We arrived in the dark, but the morning gave us a glorious wake up!

Our second night on the road was at VA beach. Morning was beautiful and we couldn't resist taking a walk. We found a little place for breakfast where we sat and watched the ocean.
On our morning walk at VA beach we were excited to have a group of brown pelicans fly overhead.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

"In The Company of Cats"

 "In the Company of Cats" was one of my early sculptures inspired by my first journey to Africa. They were the groundwork for my journey into the world of wildlife art. To me they were primal, essence of cheetah, an energy of creation that started me on another long journey. I love this piece, and happily many other people have as well as it has been sold out since early 2003. BUT it has been brought to my attention that one set is available from one of my collectors. It is sad when one must part with old friends, it it is an opportunity for someone else. The cats are about 6"H high and it was an edition of 20 with no APs cast. The molds are long gone. If you are interested please call get a hold of me ( 303-666-8582)