Monday, November 24, 2008

October is busy too

Early in the month Vic and I took advantage of lovely fall weather and some amazing fall color. A short hike took us to an historic location, the spot where the first shot of the French and Indian War occurred. Spooky.

We also stopped at our favorite demonstration farm to visit cows, pigs and sheep.

October; A quick trip to Colorado

Since I didn’t get to spend my usual summer in Loveland doing the sculpture shows and catching up on foundry work, I had to fit work in this fall. I was a little late for elk bugling, but a ride into the mountains upon first arriving allowed me a last glimpse at the sparkling gold of the aspen leaves before they fell.

I spent much of the time completing my new pieces;
“A Mighty Roar” (7"H)“Itchy Colt” (6.5"H)

and two Gemsbok (oryx, antelope) that are based on a thick piece of black granite with rough cut sides. They are quite dramatic.
These will be with me along with many of my other works at the Waterfowl Festival in Easton, MD November 14-16.

A Busy September

Labor Day weekend was the start of a lot of exciting activity. Vic and I headed for Highland Park, North of Chicago to spend time with his sister Sarah, brother-in law and other family. We especially enjoyed watching his grand nephews and niece splash about in the pool. It was a special family time. Saturday morning we headed up to Greenbay, Wisconsin for the opening of the Society of Animal Artist’s annual show.

“MMM…Tasty” was not only accepted into the show, but was chosen to be a part of the tour. Select pieces will be shown in a number of Museum’s around the country over the coming year. I am honored to be chosen.

Vic left the day after Labor Day and I stayed with his family.

Later in the week Sarah joined me in a drive to Wausau, Wisconsin to attend the opening events at the Bird’s in Art show at the Woodson Museum. What an amazing weekend!!! Artists attended from all over the world. We were treated so graciously and made wonderful new friends.

My little kiwi sculpture, “Nosing Around” was chosen for the show AND was chosen for the Bird’s In Art Touring exhibit as well!

A few weeks later was the opening reception for the Artists for Conservation show at the Hirem Blauvelt Museum in Oradell, NJ. The weekend was full of events, but an unexpected illness kept me from attending. My sculpture “MMM…Tasty” was there to represent me. Yes, the same sculpture chosen for the SAA show. It’s a popular piece. This makes me especially pleased since it’s a piece I am particularly fond of.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A visit to the Getty

While in LA I had the oportunity to see a wonderful exhibition of busts by Bernini at the Getty Museum. Parking is at the bottom of the hill and we rode to the top in the train. Great views!

The building is great but the real treat was the grounds. The flowers were amazing!

Guess who was my favorite flower in the garden!