Saturday, June 14, 2008

Birds In Art!

Three little words with amazing power in the art world. The show is held each year at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum of Art in Wasau, WI. It is an honor to have "Nosing Around", my little kiwi study, chosen to be in this year’s event. Opening weekend will be Sept.6. Check out

Sunday, June 8, 2008


In April I had a wonderful time introducing my friend to my Colorado world. She wanted some magpie reference so a trip to RMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park) was in order. I promised her lots of magpies. And the park did not disappoint. We headed west out of Loveland up the canyon on a bright sunny day and were treated to a bachelor herd of Rocky Mountain big horn sheep. They had conveniently placed themselves across from a turn out so it was a grand photo op.
Coming into Estes Park we spot our first magpies and elk of course.
The park has its own weather and the peaks were shrouded in clouds. I never get tired of being in the mountains. We had additional sightings of magpies, deer, elk, Stellar’s jays and more. I think Paula was pleased with our expedition.

Paula in rocky Mountain National Park.

Vic flew in for a weekend to surprise his daughter for her birthday. Becca met me at the zoo and definitely was surprised to find dad there too. As usual there was lots going on at the zoo. The polar bear seemed quite bored with the day. Our zoo time ended and we rounded up Sean and celebrated over Mexican food (yum).

May has been a quiet month which has allowed me to concentrate on heeling my back. I wrote newsletters, did a bit of sculpting and caught up on the business of art and enjoyed watching the birds.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

February and March:

SEWE, Charleston, SC:
In February we headed for Charleston for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. We arrived by noon the day before we needed to set up. This gave us the chance to visit our favorite restaurant on the beach, Coconut Joes.

I sipped a pina colata and ate coconut shrimp. Yum!

We then spent the afternoon walking on the beach watching the birds and just enjoying.

My back had gone out before the trip and it was nice to take a quiet afternoon.
The show went well although Vic had to do all the set up and take down.

Art show at the dog show :
My three poodles, "Play Bow", "Roll Play" and "Played Out" were in the Art Show at the Dog Show this year. Louise Peterson was the guest juror this year. Thank you, Louise.

March I took some time to visit my daughter in LA and meet Ammar’s family. We all invaded the DR’s office and crowded around the screen so we could get a first look at my grandchild to be. Heather and Ammar will be having a little boy! Due date July 23rd.

Catching up on January 08

Jan. 08 Safari Club Dallas and Safari Club International:
January of this year started off with Dallas Safari Club show. I was invited to show in John Banovich’s gallery again. The show went well and it was good to see some familiar faces. A special reception was held in the booth.

I stayed with my folks and made sure to have some time with my brother and his family.
I next went to Colorado where I spent the break between Dallas and Safari Club International in Reno, NV.
I caught up on some wax work, checked on the foundries, shipped some pieces and fit in some time at the Denver Stock Show.
Tom touches up the patina on"Slurp"!

Safari Club International was nothing short of amazing. Yes, that’s a car in the booth! John’s painting "Inside the Red Zone" adorned the hood of Kevin Harvick’s #29 car. The hood was auctioned off to benefit the new Banovich Wildscape Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization for wildlife conservation.