Monday, July 7, 2008

A trip to Orlando

A wedding in Vic's family in Orlando in June gave us the perfect excuse for a little vacation. With limited time, we chose to spend a at the Wild Animal Kingdom. Going on "safari" is just my cup of tea. It was hot, but the animals put on a good show. Natural wildlife displays were well thought out and the animals entrtained us. Or maybe we entertained them.
There was an amazing display of bats! A case with a skeleton on the side gave a lot to study. Fascinating!

The free flight show was a treat. The ground hornbill opened the show followed by anamazing array of colors and feathers. A bit of humor mixed with an environmental message made it a great show. Afterwards we got up close and personal with some of the cast. Here is a spectacled owl. Sweet.

We grabbed a quiet lunch (yes there are quiet out of the way places there) with some ibis, egrets sparrows and sneaky (but fun) black birds. Down the way another treat. Otters!!!
Day 2 we spent at Epcot where we found Nemo again, got "shrunk" in "Honey I shrunk the audience" and visited many countries. France was a favorite. We watched a wonderful tour movie and then stopped in the pastry shop. Yumm!! A light rain just thinned the crowds and made it cooler.
An added bonus to the trip was the resident flock of sandhill cranes on the grounds where the wedding was held. Life is good!