Thursday, May 3, 2012

60 for 60 #43

I used a different clay here. Too soft and gooey for such a warm day. Working quickly left too many gobs and fuzzies. Too rough even for me. Left my fingers too sticky.

60 for 60 #41,42 and a group

I am posting #41 and #42 together because they are the same subject, my corgi running. 

Ok, Dreamer is a puppy and he loves to run. He's obviously one of my favorite subjects.


Yes, this is very similar to a piece I have already cast, but it is a very typical pose and I love revisiting it.

There is always something different in the angles that catch me. I love the way his long body scrunches up to make up for no legs.

Obviously he is keen on something. Focus

I then combined them with #19 and created a group.

I love doing groupings. Every angle seems like a new sculpture.

Happy Dreamer Xs 3!