Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just Call Me Granny

July I headed for LA for the birth of my first grandchild. Isaiah David made his arrival and is, of course, the most beautiful baby ever. Mom Heather and Dad Ammar are thrilled with their little bundle of joy. They are holding up to the challenges well (Isaiah has PKU, very rare and unexpected).

Isaiah was greeted by his family.Grandma Raida was there to help out. After I arrived Grandpa Ramzi arrived too. Then Aunt Tamara, Uncle Jason and cousins Layla (4) and Jenna (about 5 weeks) and Grandpa David arrived as well. It was a full house!

Just 6 days after he was born, we all celebrated the birth of Isaiah's best friend Max, born to Heather's best friend Stephanie and Zach. Stephanie's Mom Dianna is my best friend, so we have 3 generations of best friends! That's the best kind of family!

Oh, and of course Heather's poodle Umba and Stephanie's dog Sammy are best friends too!
Max and Isaiah hang out together. (Isaiah is the one with lots of hair)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Going Back to Summer

Early summer, Terry Miller. Paula Waterman and I held a wonderful open house at Paula’s. Paintings, scratchboard, pencil works and sculptures were displayed together beautifully. A belated thank you once again to all our friends who joined us. We have held this event in December in the past. I'm not sure which season is best. We'll see.

We all had our Birds In Art entries there. What fun to see them together!!

The day after we took advantage of a great day and visited the Maryland Zoo. We were treated to views of the baby African elephant as well as some amazing vulture poses.