Monday, April 19, 2010

April thrills!

A hint of spring in the air and I decided to head for Maryland. A number of reasons here, a need to visit some good friends and a bit of artistic guidance and inspiration. The intent was to meet a group and have a fun time at the National zoo, but who knew we would be met with summer temperatures and the promise of huge crowds. No matter, plans are easily changed. A hike around the reservoir, some pups in tow was a kick. Met some lovely ladies riding their horses on a lovely day. Thumper, my friend's  5 month old pup, got some good training in as well.
The next day three of us crazy artists drove around the wonderous countryside in search of farm animals. The trees were just pushing their little buds out and new spring green was happening all over. We came across some lovely horses grazing, how peaceful!

Of course I always have to snuggle on those guys. Nothing like a little horse fix to brighten the day.

A few sheep here and there a sweet donkey still fuzzy with winter coat and of course cows.

 Last stop of the day was a jackpot, many wonderful, curious COWS. In-your-face beautiful cows! (I love cows, in case you can't tell). They came close and we got up close and personal. We all came back with some wonderful bovine ideas to paint, draw and sculpt.

Speaking of painting, the cows were so compelling that I actually tried my hand at a bit of oil painting. Don't panic. You won't see me competeing in any shows with it. It has been many years since I held a brush and it was a wonderful exercise. Soon to be repeated, I hope. I believe that playing around with paint will acually help my sculpture. It's good to get some different brain connections working. Refreshing.
 A quick trip to the Easton area for some business and connecting with another friend, always love that area. We took a lazy way home and had a delightful lunch at a little Italian deli downtown Annapolis. YUM! Weather was hot, but trees were bursting and a trip to the Arboretum was just the place to see the show. I was thrilled at the colors and textures! It's a place I would definitely return to.

A special treat wass their beautiful koi.

The second part of my trip was to my sculptor friend Paul Rhymer's to do some serious mold making. He currently has quite the unusual "mascot" in the studio thanks to Paul's special talent as a taxidermist.

 The zebra is only temporary.

 I spent a fun couple of days there. Carolyn, Pickles the dog and I had a lovely walk along the Patomac just a short distance from their house. 

With Paul's help and Pickles' supervision, I got the three pandas that I did for the quick sculpt at SEWE molded.